Wednesday, February 3, 2010

These Things I Liked in 2009

As usual, I'm a bit late in the game, but anyways, here's my list of musical favorites I acquired in 2009. Man, I'm completely not adjusted to it being 2010 by the way. I don't think I could even begin to create a list of the Decade, so I'll just stick to last year. And upon reviewing my previous posts on here I must say I've made some weird decisions on these things in the past that don't really hold up for me. Ah well, here she blows:

Brian Eno & David Byrne- "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today": I guess this actually came out at the end of summer '08, but I didn't pick it up until early 2009. And even then it dwelled around my digital shelf for awhile until it really caught on with me. This album is insanely good and "Strange Overtones" is easily one of my most played songs last year.

Big Star- "Keep An Eye On The Sky/3rd-Sister Lovers": Another cheat. This box set came out last year and I received it as a gift in the last few weeks of the year but didn't really spend a ton of time with it until January. However, even considering myself a Big Star fan I really only had the combo "#1 Record/Radio City" for many years now and a couple of random mp3s from "3rd". I got the entire 3rd album mid-summer and listened to it on a weekly basis through December. Shit.

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse- "Dark Night Of The Soul": The greatest album of last year that didn't actually get released. You've got to be in the right Lynchian sort of mindset to really enjoy this and once the first track w/ Wayne Coyne was pointed out as sounding like early 80s Phil Collins I haven't been able to listen to it in the same way. Regardless, it's pretty great. And it's been blessed to download for free, so that's always nice.

Phoenix- "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix": These guys are just too cool. "1901" and "Litzomania" were two of the best singles of the year. And if I had to license my music out for car commercials and I was actually 4 painfully cool French guys, I would certainly choose Cadillac. Everyone might not want to admit it, but Phoenix are the coolest musicians around and everyone might not want to admit it, but Cadillacs are still really, really cool cars as well.

Jason Lytle- "Yours Truly, The Commuter": I know everybody's not as addicted to Grandaddy as myself, but this was a really great solo debut, contains some of his best songwriting (as well as some kinda bizarre moments that are not my faves) and I listened to this one repeatedly throughout the year. As a personal bonus, we got to work with Jason on some stuff at the end of 2008 and he gave us a copy of the freshly mastered album to listen to while driving behind him north to San Fransisco at dusk. One of the absolute greatest music listening experiences of my life, so I guess I'm kinda biased.

Fruit Bats- "The Ruminant Band": Again, I'm probably a bit biased because of some work we got to do with these guys as well, but I've been a fan of theirs for some time and this album is truly pretty perfect. It feels like they really added a whole new level of production and style to their previous down home songwriting. It's like a great classic rock gem.

Cass McCombs- "Catacombs": It's yet to overshadow "Dropping The Writ" which is very near to becoming my most listened to album at this point, but this is pretty nearly tied with my number one pick. "Dreams Come True Girl" was my 2nd favorite song of the year I'd say and at 6:07, "Harmonia" could go on for another 6 minutes and I'd be happy. I always feel like I can just fall into this album so completely. Perfectly produced. What a cool married dude.

Girls- "Album": I easily listened to "Hellhole Ratrace" more than any other song last year. I would wake up with it in my head and I'll be darned if those guys don't just make you want to be younger, artier and living in San Fran. Christopher Owens oozes superstar power and it's just good old-fashioned, simplified Rock N' Roll. This is the album that I feel like I will continue to revisit for years to come. I am growing my hair. If I youthen and end up in SF soon without warning, you'll know why if you listen to this one. I hope they can follow it up.

Atlas Sound- "Walkabout (feat. Noah Lennox)": The album is pretty near cracking my top whatever as well.

The Drums- "Let's Go Surfing": I don't surf, but I sure wish I did listening to this. So simple and so good, it feels like it already existed.
Grizzly Bear- "Two Weeks": Yes, this song is amazing. Perfect. Their albums always impress me but I rarely want to listen to them more than once. Maybe I'm just not smart enough for it. I love their voices. That Michael MacDonald version of "While You Wait For The Others" is outstanding too.


I got deeply into a lot of Gene Clark albums last year, a healthy amount of Gram Parsons and George Jones, a number of new to me Waylon Jennings albums, Billy Ocean's "Red Light Spells Danger" (favorite song of the year that came out many, many years before) and a sprinkling of Acid House. It's great to exercise to, if you're interested, ask me for more information. Oh and Inglorious Basterds and A Serious Man were my favorite movies of '09 and Eastbound & Down was the greatest TV show, possibly ever.