Friday, January 9, 2009

Sheila Bost's Favorite Places for Breakfast in Los Angeles

    This is my first attempt at blogging so I hope it works. I love to start the day off with a delicious breakfast so for years I have been collecting special breakfast places. The following are some of my old favorites. For additonal recommendations, email me. I hope you enjoy eating at some of LA's best. Remember: always eat a nourishing breakfast. I know. I sound just like a mom. (I could not figure out how to spell check so please excuse any glaring errors.)
  • Charlie's Coffee Shop in the old Farmer's Market at the Grove --- Charlie, a red haired lady fry cook, is the best! Tom & I lived right next to the market in Park LaBrea when we came to LA. Charlie's is where we go to celebrate if we have the time. Her omelets are light and fluffy & the eggs are fresh. Others love the French toast, pancakes & waffles.

  • John O'Groats --- as Paul the owner says "Nothing but the best for the best." John, next to Charlie, makes the best breakfasts in LA. Light biscuits, homemade apple sauce, good coffee, counter service if the wait is long.

  • Cora's Coffee Shop --- nothing fancy but one of Santa Monica's favorites. There is an outdoor area but remember, sometimes it is cool in SM.

  • Maxwell Cafe --- near Costco at the Marina. I have never been disappointed with food & service at MC.

  • Ocean Park Cafe --- on Ocean Park in SM. I have not been here in sometime but it has always been one of my favorites. Delicious baked goods.

  • Patrick's Roadhouse --- 106 Entrada Drive (just above Pacific Coast Highway) in SM. Patrick's is one of the best places to view the Hollywood stars or the "in crowd" in politics, business, etc. It is expensive for what you get, but if you are part of the "in" group, you probably are on an expense account or don't care about the money.

  • Police Academy Cafe' --- dine with the cadets in Echo Park near Dodger Stadium. I learned about this inexpensive breakfast haunt years ago and discovered that it was worth the trip.

  • Cafe Dana --- on Montana in SM is a European gem tucked away in a small inside area and includes a patio next to the exercise studio. Again, watch for producers, stars living on the west side. Dana's muesli, omelets, scrambles --- everything is yummy.

  • Back On Broadway --- on Broadway near 2oth in SM is one of the favorites of the Jacobs's family...perhaps Vicenta introduced me. With your omelet they serve a delicate and delicious scone but you should make room for their daily baked muffins.

  • Broadway Deli --- on the SM Promenade; has the best low fat bran muffins on the west side of LA. Park right across the street at the Place. Everything at BD is good and the service has improved with the years.

  • Cezanne --- Cezanne at Le Merigot's Hotel with a view from the patio of the beach is the place to go on a warm day when you have time to enjoy a more upscale breakfast, soak in the SM sun, read your paper or your PDA news, text a friend or simply meditate as you view God's beautiful Pacific.

  • Paradise Cove Beach Cafe --- Of course, if you really wish to enjoy a beach breakfast, make the drive to Bob Morris's cafe in Malibu at Paradise Cove. Spectacular views. You may decide to spend the day on the beach. Kids menu is available. Plan to bring $ for parking if you stay for the day.

  • Snug Harbor --- is near 23rd St on Wilshire in SM. As one reviewer said SH is "the classic greasy spoon California style." I think it is a couple of stars above this review. There is an ugly patio where the service may not be quite as good. SH is comfortable. The restaurant next door Bread and Porridge is very unique, but it seems to me overpriced. Last time I was there you had to pay for toast to go with your eggs.

  • Pedals --- If you would like to spend some time at Shutters, one of the most expensive hotels on the west side and walk or bike the Santa Monica bike path, first breakfast at Pedals, their lovely downstairs restaurant with patio --- a SM treat without the big price tag.

  • Fountain Coffee Room --- This is the Peptobismal pink, classic counter restaurant at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Simple breakfast fare. If you have money to burn and yearn for ambiance and chef's cuisine, join the elite of Beverly Hills and hotel guests at their Polo Lounge.

  • A Votre Sante --- --- For those who are health conscious and bleed "organic" join Gold Gym body builders at this hip spot that was recently remodeled. Even for me, the food tastes oh so good on even my non-organically trained palate.

  • Rose Cafe --- I went here and across the street to the Firehouse for years but now we don't eat breakfast out as frequently. However just recently, I have had two wonderful breakfasts at the RC. Their mixed berry bran muffin is a gourmet treat. Others tell me their granola and oatmeal are delicious. Again, dress warmly if you need to and enjoy their new patio with heaters.

  • Joe's Restaurant --- For a Saturday or Sunday special brunch I hear that Joe's is one of the best. Crystal Jacobs may know more; however, I think Joe's at night with Crystal's pastries might be a better bet.


Paul said...

Mom, you entered the digital age with grace and style. Thanks for the great post.

Another good breakfast place: Mambu on the weekends, although it's been a while since I've actually been there.

Thomas McMahon IV said...

Great list, Sheila. I drive by Maxwell Cafe sometimes on the way home from work (traffic-escape route) and have been wanting to check it out. I love Paradise Cove but have never been there for breakfast. Michelle says that they have a carrot-cake waffle, which sounds incredible.

michelle mcmahon said...

Oh, I was just about to post a comment about that carrot-cake waffle! It's so good... I would like to go to Paradise Cove for that waffle one day, then go to the beach, go back to the restaurant for lunch, go back to the beach, then go home. That would be the best day ever.

Daniel said...

Just a word of warning: I think Maxwell's changed ownership and/or management over the summer. The last couple times Crystal and I went, we were pretty disappointed in the food. They're still very nice and it's a charming joint, just not as good as it used to be.

Anonymous said...


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