Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MP3 Free-for-All

Yuletide Greetings,

Here are nine or ten of my most beloved free MP3s of the year, although this likely does not include any songs from my still-in-the-works list of top albums (I’ll include MP3 links in that list).

10. {{{ Sunset }}} – Man’s Heart Complaint
A sinister and gloomy slice of fuzz-rock.

9. King Tuff – Sun Medallion
Sounds like the Velvet Underground with Lou Reed inhaling a bit of helium.

8. School of Seven Bells – Connjur
Gorgeous harmonies served over warm, electronic gauze.

7. Lykke Li – Little Bit
Soulful, Swedish electro doo-wop, if I’m not mistaken.

6. Thee Makeout Party – Wreckless Epic
Raw, ragged and desperate garage rock that probably was actually recorded in a garage.

5. Fight Bite – Widow’s Peak
Ethereal and enchanting like Beach House, but even lower-fi.

4. Kim Ki O – Kapali Kapali Kapali
Beautiful, bittersweet shoegazing from what must be the first Turkish band I’ve ever heard.
[Update: Apparently, the initial link I had for this song didn't work. I just replaced it with a new one that is working.]

3. Hecuba – Sir
Hip hop born in some kind of demented carnival.

2. Music Go Music – Light of Love
Ebullient and ABBA-inspired. Should be played on an old jukebox at a roller skating rink.

1. The Morning Benders – Boarded Doors
Sharp and slightly swinging pop-rock with a highly satisfying melody.


Ricky said...

I'm really digging that Lykke Li track. Thanks for the recs. Her voice actually kinda sounds like Robyn.

Paul said...

I'm getting through these slowly and steadily, T. Enjoying the Thee Makeout Party song, although I think it's just as much for its Billy Childish and Wreckless Eric references. One of the dudes in that band was in the Willowz methinks (I'd recognize his pale ass anywhere).

I want to like that Music Go Music song but it's just not clicking.

The Lykke Li song is bomb.

Thomas McMahon IV said...

Oh -- the guy with the long, blonde hair, right? I thought he looked familiar.

Man, I don't see how you could not love that Music Go Music song.

Paul said...

Just realized I had been listening to another song I had downloaded by them ("Reach Out").

I take it back - this song is good! You're right about the Abba influence.

Paul said...

Oh, man, that King Tuff song is amazing; what I wish Devendra Banhart sounded like.

Thomas McMahon IV said...

Yeah, I love that King Tuff song. Michelle, on the other hand, said that it makes her feel very uncomfortable.

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