Saturday, December 22, 2007

2007 Mix - Paul Bost

Instead of coming up with some sort of list, I instead decided to create a mix conveying my favorite songs of the year (plus a couple from previous years). I've sent everyone on the email list a link from where you can download the mix (edit; here's the link:; it's a big file and, unfortunately, it's one file (I tried to separate it into different tracks but my editing software was being a bitch about it). Some of the edits are pretty simple, whereas on others I endeavor to actually do some Steve Aoki shit (minus the gorgeous hangers-on). Check it out, if you get a chance. It might actually be a good workout mix, minus the last two songs that sort of slow things down (which may be appropriate for some post-running stretching/meditation).


(1) Night of the Furies - The Rosebuds
(2) $20 - M.I.A.
(3) St. Tropez - Golden Bug
(4) Kidz Are So Small - Deerhoof
(5) Hold On - Holy Ghost!
(6) Wow - Kylie Minogue
(7) Finer Feelings - Spoon
(8) Ice Cream - New Young Pony Club
(9) I've Still Got You (Ice Cream) - Pissed Jeans
(10) Tout va pour le mieux dans le pire des mondes - Les Breastfeeders
(11) World - The Bee Gees
(12) Coke & Wet - Spankrock
(13) Kill the Messenger - Karl Blau
(14) Come One Come All - Noonday Underground
(15) Mr. Me Too (Z.A.K. Remix) - Clipse
(16) Failsafe - The New Pornographers
(17) Can't Tell Me Nothing - Kanye West
(18) Bright Lights, Big City - Jim Jones feat. Max B.
(19) Isn't Life Strange? - The Clientele
(20) On the Wings - Citay


katiejo said...

oh man, can i just say i love the new kanye west good.

katiejo said...

also, that link may be incompatible with macs :(

Paul B. said...

Really? I think it's just a link to a site from which you can download the mp3. That said, I'm pretty green when it comes to and the software by which I made the mix, so you may very well be correct.

I like the new Kanye but it never grabbed me like the first two, especially Late Registration. I still think that's his best.

Adam Willis said...

word up to late registration. see my post about my favorite track from graduation.

Ricky said...

try downloading a 99.8MB file on dialup...i may get it before january 1st, 2009. thanks, man! i keep commenting on all this, i'm loving all this free time away from law school!

thom said...

This is awesome. I'm definitely gonna jam to it on my Discman when I work out. I love the Rosebuds and Bee Gees songs in particular. Am not an M.I.A. fan, but she sounds good in this here mix. And I think I need to hear more of Golden Bug.

Paul B. said...

Thanks, T.