Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Some of my favorite things by James F. "Boots" Donnelly...

Albums of the Year
Lawrence Welk - Forever: The Best of Lawrence Welk
Sons of the Pioneers - Cool Water (& 17 Timeless Favorites)
Henny Youngmen - Take My Album Please (Or Two Sets for the Price of One)
Boxcar Willie - King of the Hoboes
Jodeci – Forever My Lady

Favorite Movie – Cocoon III

My favorite prune juice – Sunsweet

Favorite hard candy – MacTavish’s Butterscotch Candy

Favorite food – Tapioca

Favorite football moment – Red Grange’s 6 TD game against Michigan (18-October 1924). Still as magical a moment as ever. Kids these days just can’t match the speed and toughness of the Galloping Ghost.

Favorite Dance – The Charleston I performed at the Murfreesboro Elks Lodge Dance Off in July with Millie.

Worst College Football Idea: The playoff. It’s bad enough they got rid of ties and created the BCS. Now they want a playoff? What happened to the good old days of teams going 8-1-2 and winning the national championship by playing the #7 team in a bowl game?

Best move they should make for the 2008 Summer Olympics: Adding college football as a sport. We’d kick the asses of those commie pinko Russians and finally get a leg up in the Cold War. Wait a minute, it’s in China? Maybe 2012, since we’ll obviously be boycotting 2008.

The best moment in baseball for 2007: Appalachian St. beating Michigan.

I would like to wish everyone a happy 2008. Spring practice is right around the corner, as well as national signing day, so don't worry. Labor Day weekend is right around the corner!


Thom said...

Boots -- When you say tapioca, are you referring to the pudding or just the little tapioca pieces themselves? Come to think of it, is tapioca used for anything other than pudding? I'm not expecting you to have the answer to that question.

Paul B. said...

Hey, Boots: you forgot to mention your favorite middle Tennessee store for diamonds and engagement rings. What about your favorite jeans of 2007? Blue Diamond Gusset, of course. And your favorite marital aid? Liquid Blue (not that you need it, you stallion!).