Saturday, December 15, 2007

Soapy's Obsessions in 2007*

(Soapy's only a little bit older than Tommy, so his faves are only slightly more sophisticated.)
10. Watching Tila Tequila.
9. Chewing slippers, rainbow flip-flops, stairs, tables, and cell phones.
8. Eating Wendy's vanilla frosties.
7. Running away from Paul.
6. Pooping.
5. Farting.
4. Spooning Paul.
3. Bone zoning.
2. Going to the dog park and getting slobbered on.
1. Eating sticks!
* as recounted by Sarah Luppen


it's katiejo said...

i love dogs with sticks!

Tommy said...

My name is Soapy, too, but only sometimes. That might explain why we have so much in common. I also like to poop and fart... then again, who doesn't? I also like chewing on shoes, especially my mom's new leather boots, and I like to chew cell phones and remote controls. I wish I could eat sticks, but my parents won't let me.

Thom said...

Wait a minute -- Wendy's has vanilla Frosties? When did this happen, and how come Soapy knew about them but I didn't? That is one savvy doggy.