Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Dozen MP3s And A Little KFC

Two humble offerings from me for now. I’ll be back in a while with an albums list. Too much to listen to.
-Thom McMahon IV

MP3 JAMBOREE: Best Free Downloads

12. Ghost – Caledonia
This will make you want to grab a spear and run through a jungle in search of something to kill. Although by the end of the song, you may want to kill yourself.

11. The Curtains – Go Lucky
An understated — sneaky, even — pop gem.

10. Richard Swift – Paisley Park
Reminiscent of another great “park” song: the Zombies’ “Beechwood Park.”

9. Black Moth Super Rainbow – Sun Lips
The band name seems nonsensical, but this song does feel something like flying through a gauzy rainbow. Psychedelic, in other words.

8. White Williams – New Violence
A white man playing guitar and drums simultaneously in a room full of malfunctioning keyboards.

7. Vampire Weekend – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
New Yorkers playing guitar pop at a street festival in Congo. Their debut album, which comes out in January, should be hot.

6. Marnie Stern – Put All Your Eggs In One Basket, And Then Watch That Basket!!!
Spiraling out of control has never sounded so cute.

5. Yeasayer – 2080
Some sort of futuristic dub ensemble playing an Irish jig.

4. Marissa Nadler – Diamond Heart
Haunting folk from a young woman who sounds like the daughter of Leonard Cohen and Joanna Newsom.

3. Bodies of Water – These Are The Eyes
This was apparently made by young people who were cut from their high school choir, so they started their own choir in the guise of a rock band. Triumphant!

2. Sally Shapiro – I’ll Be By Your Side
You know that hotel made out of ice in northern Sweden? If there’s a dance club there, this is what they play non-stop. Icy perfection.

1. Jens Lekman – Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo
Will make you laugh, dance, and become nostalgic for rural Sweden.


BONUS LIST: Least-Appetizing Ads Seen In KFC Windows

5. “Triple Dip Strips!” – I’ve heard of double dipping, but triple dipping? How many times do you have to smother these things in sauce before you can get them down? Three times.

4. “Fish Snacker!” – Since when is fish a snack? And since when is it appropriate for Kentucky Fried Chicken to serve fish?

3. “Kids’ Laptop Meal!” – Nothing says nutrition like a portable computer. I guess they e-mail your kids their drumsticks and coleslaw.

2. “Free Mega Mash!” – This is apparently what Mega Man eats when he has a hankering for some greasy, whipped potato product. And when he’s broke.

1. “Boneless Variety Bucket!” – So there’s no bones, but what is there? I just picture a bucket of bones.


Michelle said...

Anyone heard the Neil Hamburger joke about Colonel Sander's secret recipe?

Paul said...

Some really good songs on there, Thom, and some I haven't yet heard but am looking forward to.

I know I go on and on about the glut of music each year and how it's impossible to hear even close to everything, but I have a (sort of) new thought on the matter. I remember talking about some indie rock band with cool Garrett, and he mentioned that he wasn't gonna buy their album but would instead "wait for the Nuggets." So true. I mean, I like Marnie Stern, Parts and Labor, and Broken Social Scene, but I don't have time or money for their albums when there's so many other things I want to listen to. Instead, I think I'll just wait for the definitive indie rock box set (no doubt release by Rhino) and if those songs still sound like hits fifteen years from now, I'll pick up the albums.

Kind of like how I bought an Amboy Dukes greatest hits album after hearing "Journey to the Center of Your Mind" on the original Nuggets.

Thom said...

Oh, I thought you just bought that Amboy Dukes album to complete your Nuge collection.

Neil Hamburger: Why did Colonel Sanders keep his seven herbs and spices a secret? Because he was ashamed of them.

it's katiejo said...

didn't i recommend bodies of water to you? what a great band. also, enjoying richard swift right now. liking it, liking it.

it's katiejo said...

like the jens, too. i should borrow sme of is albums from you guys.

Thom said...

Katie -- I remember talking to you about Bodies of Water, but it was actually someone I work with who turned me onto them. You know them, right? Their website has got to be the most entertaining band site I've seen. Whoever does the posting is hilarious.

Ricky said...

So, my right eyebrow fell out this past summer (I have an autoimmune condition called alopecia areata). As it's bizarre to just have one eyebrow, I had a sad realization that led me to shave off the other brow. With that background, here's the KFC story...

A few days after shaving my left eyebrow, so that I had some symmetry of no eyebrows, I went to the Malibu KFC for lunch. Still a bit self-conscious, I walked into the KFC. The cashier guy looked at me and then sort of whispered to me in a Mexican accent - "'ey man - you goin' through chemo?" Pondering this question, I took a few seconds then said, "Do I get a free Chicken Snacker sandwich if I say 'yes'?"

After a somewhat awkward pause, I then proceeded to tell him about my hair condition. His response to that explanation - "So, it's not chemo?"

Great KFC list, Thom.

Paul B. said...

Ricky, that's probably my number 1 story of the year.

Sarah said...

Ricky -- Did you get the free snacker? What a cliffhanger!

Ricky said...

haha. no snacker. i felt too awkward to really push for it. maybe next time...

Ricky said...

From December 2006: Since I'm able to watch ridiculous amounts of TV over this holiday break, please let me share some of quotables that have brought me many a laugh over the past 36 hours…

From the "Maury" show:
Episode title: "Can you guess? Which of these holiday hotties are men?"

Maury: This candy cane is the perfect sweetie for you. Her name is Peppermint.

Audience member #1: That's a man, Maury. That's a man. That's a man, Maury.

Audience member #2: I can't tell…???

{audience is shouting "That's a woman, Maury!" and "That's a man. That's a man!"}

Maury [to Audience member #3]: She's says that's a woman. Do you know?

Audience member #3: Yes, that's a girl. I know my girls…

The Donald v. O'Donnell feud:
Trump: Rosie's a loser. A real loser. I look forward to taking lots of money from my nice fat little Rosie.

Trump responded to Rosie this morning, telling the New York Post, "Rosie got mentally beaten up by me, because she's a mental midget, a lowlife. I think she's got a death wish. It's too bad a degenerate is able to get away with things like that."

News Headline: "Trump Blames People Like Rosie for the Iraq War"

Gloria Allred on the above-mentioned feud: "What I would call this is tongue-fu at its worst."