Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Favorite Things To Do In 2007, Tommy McMahon

I’ve only been in the world since January 11, so this is really a list of my favorite things to do in my life so far.

10. Eat Cheerios
9. Pull garbage out of garbage cans
8. Put my fingers in the paper shredder
7. Slide around the carpet on book covers, CDs, or record sleeves
6. Splash in the bath
5. Kiss myself in mirrors
4. Flush toilets
3. Eat biscuits
2. Pull cords out of electrical outlets and then try to put them in my mouth before Mom or Dad sees me
1. Crumple newspapers


Sarah said...

Some of my favorite things to do in 2007 are curiously similar to Tommy's faves. For instance, I love cereal -- all types. I could eat it for every meal of the day. I'll take Tommy on a cereal date the next time I go to LA. I also like to flush toilets...but only if my toothbrush is properly shielded. I saw on the Today show once that your toothbrush can get totally contaminated by all the germs that spray out when you flush the toilet. Disgusting.

Tommy's Dad said...

That kid's gonna give me a heart attack!

Adam Willis said...

I saw something on the Today Show about whether or not Americans bathe/shower too frequently and how that can negatively effect one's health. The toothbrush-toilet thing sounds a little more solid.

Biscuits are good.

hi shelly, it's katiejo said...

this is funny. also, cute video of tommy walking. cutest one year old i know.