Friday, December 21, 2007

Daniel Dowd's 2-0-0-7

First of all, I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts, as always.


-Wilco Sky Blue Sky. - Not many people I know or spoke with liked this one, but I liked it. I needed some mellow this year. I also love Nels Cline, though I almost think he overpowers Wilco live to the point of being a detriment. Almost. I like the song on and on and on

-New Pornographers Challengers – Another album I felt many didn’t like upon discussing with them. I enjoyed this quite a bit after listen 3 or 4, especially go places.

-Andrew Bird. The last two albums. - I finally stopped being lazy and soaked in The Mysterious Production of Eggs and had a little time away from Andrew for awhile, then dove into the new one. I love them both. I listened to Andrew Bird the most in 2007.

-Deerhoof Friend Opportunity - This was my favorite album of the year. It was also my favorite show of 2007. I can’t get enough of Deerhoof in every way.

-Of Montreal Hissing Fauna…-I wore this one out and enjoyed the song Gronlandic Edit the most. This album and Wilco seemed to have fitting themes for me.

My favorite films
No Country For Old Men
Silver Jew
The Darjeeling Limited

Favorite live shows
Animal Collective
TV on the Radio
Stumbling upon a sort of Blind Faith reunion on PBS

I also liked…

My daughter’s strange, sudden, sponge-like absorption of Black Sabbath.

The Sopranos ending. Yes! My favorite episode was the next to last episode Blue Comet.

Watching some English Premier League for the first time. Being a Mets fan I have to say that I really enjoyed watching the EPL. I still have the 1000 yard stare.

Best parts of the Mitchell Report…
Roidger Clemens
Mo Vaughn being “afraid of the big needles.”

Facial Hair of the Year

I didn’t really notice any great facial hair this year. I guess it’s Arthur Blank, owner of the Falcons...

The favorite hairs in my household were our family debates as to whether the guy from Big and Rich had deodorant dust on his armpit hair in the opening credits of ESPN’s College Gameday. I said no, my wife said yes. I thought it was the sunshine reflecting off of the fair locks of Big or Rich’s armpit. Tivo happened. Slow-mo happened. It was heated and lasted many weeks. I gave in and said it was deodorant.

That marital spat finished second this year to the spat of trying to determine whether Don McLean of American Pie fame pronounces his name “Mc – Leen” or “Mc – Layne.” We went over Don McLean youtube clips like it was the Zapruder film. I won with “Mc-Layne.”

So, armpit hair of the year goes to…Big? Or is he rich?

I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year and late December holiday of choice. May your respective 2008s be filled with all things good.


Ricky said...

Did any of you see the film "Once"? Just watched it and really liked it. If you love music, I think it's a must see. Going to buy the soundtrack right now. It seems like people have known about it for a while but it's all starting to blow up now, which is great!!!

Ricky said...

that dude in the pic could be hannah montana's dad's (a/k/a billy ray cyrus's) doppleganger, eh? ha

P. Bost said...

I'm glad to have accompanied Dan to both the Deerhoof and Animal Collective shows. Deerhoof might be the most consistently intriguing live band on the road, and I love the fact that are so often on the road (and are willing to stop in Nashville). Their live chemistry is incredibly palpable; I love how the drummer will start a drum beat, totally disassemble it, and then regain it within the span of a few seconds. It's like jazz, but not boring.

English Premier League soccer is pretty great. Ever since he taught in London, my dad's been a big Fulham supporter, and it's sort of rubbed off on me.

Arthur Blank: he reminds me of a French politician - maybe Chirac? I don't know. Poor guy. He trusted the wrong people. In some ways, I feel like he was screwed by Petrino just as badly as he was by Vick. The SEC coaching carousel is amoral laissez faire economics at its height, and it's incredibly ugly. By the way, Dan, my brother-in-law played golf with Phil Fulmer about 5 years ago and said he was a total jerk (no offense or anything).

dan said...

I haven't seen "Once" but I have heard it's an excellent film. I'll definitely check it out.

Btw, I love how it says "ricky said..." on this page. It makes me think that Rickey Henderson (or williams) is commenting on the blog in third person.

dan said...

Paul...i love the EPL. Some of the best parts are watching how it differs from American sports, yet how it can't help but be influenced by the American sports marketing standardization machine.

I went in with no team, but trying to avoid the big 4. I have found myself gravitating towards Tottenham. I tried to fight it a bit, because I wanted a different experience than what I follow here...Tottenham are just like the Mets...second fiddle (actually third) to more prosperous teams in the biggest city, wild soul-sucking on field losses, ownership that pumps money into questionable players, ownership that are too sensitive to media/fans and let it dictate decisions....they are almost identical to the Mets in every way. And though I initially wanted a Fulham or Newcastle or Everton or Man City to kind of give me a new experience, I found myself gravitating to Spurs even though they fired their manager and are fighting off relegation. I'm a glutton for punishment, i guess.

Speaking of gluttony, no offense on the fulmer comment. I'm no Fulmer apologist, though I'd miss the orange track suits if he's fired (and he will be after next season when he inevitably screws up the offensive coordinator hiring and they go 5-7).

completely agree about sec coaching. saban will not be the coach of Alabama in 3 years. book it.

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