Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Top 10 Older Alternative Rock Songs that Deserve More Radio Airplay than "Tainted Love" - Paul Bost

10) "I Know What Boys Like" - The Waitresses
9) "Roam" - The B-52s
8) "Headache" - Frank Black
7) "Do the Vampire" - Superdrag
6) "Natural One" - Folk Implosion
5) "Crash" - The Primitives
4) "Possum Kingdom" - The Toadies
3) "Your Woman" - White Town
2) "In the Meantime" - Spacehog
1) "Epic" - Faith No More


Paul said...

Oops . . . is it The Toadies or Toadies?

Thom said...

I think it's just Toadies. Maybe someone from the band will stumble upon this and set the record straight.

I'd like to add a song to the list: Gin Blossoms' "Found Out About You." Pretty much any song by Gin Blossoms, actually. Could you do a just Gin Blossoms list?

Adam Willis said...

I think it's just Toadies. From Ft. Worth, TX.

I would nominate "Until I Hear It From You" to the Gin Blossoms list. And maybe "Who Sucked Out The Feeling" to the Superdrag list. That song is damn good.

I'd also support the theory that Spacehog should have been a much bigger band. Roysten Langdon is a pretty incredible name and is a pretty badass frontman. Is he as cool as Thom Yorke? Why not? Take a look at that video again, what is it, 1995, and they still hold up as looking that cool?

Adam Willis said...

I also just realized, relistening to them, that "In The Meantime" and "Epic" both end in 15 second piano interludes. Or End-ludes, whatever that might be called. Concludes?

Ricky said...

Yes, add some Gin Blossoms. My mom would really like that, too. In all seriousness, they have some great stuff.

Ronna said...

You write very well.

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