Sunday, December 20, 2009

FM Gems: Montell Jordan

Best Songs I Heard on Non-Rock Radio Stations This Year

My second entry in this series comes from R&B also-ran Montell Jordan, heard on 93.5 KDAY. Three things I like about this jam, "Get It On Tonite":
1. It has an awesome sample ("Love for the Sake of Love," by Claudja Barry).
2. Montell Jordan went to Pepperdine.
3. I thought his only hit was "This Is How We Do It."
— Tom McMahon


Paul said...

Dude, this song is the JAM. Heard Willis play this at a party 3-4 years ago and it's been in constant rotation since (aside from, of course, the first time I heard it when it came out). He is such a smooth talker. I occasionally play this in the office for impromptu party purposes.

michelle said...

That video is fabulous! I mean the song itself is, as Paul said, the jam, but that video! If Montell didn't want to go to a party, then why did he just beep up some other lady and go to another party? I thought he just wanted to get it on. Why didn't he just call a high class prostitute and bang her until his lady got home from her party? Weird.

Chris said...

So good. Daniel and I were blasting this in the office yesterday around 8:30AM. LaLa is a great thing.