Monday, December 21, 2009

Top Fifteen Things Paul Forgot About This Decade But Remembered When He Put His Mind to It

(15) Home Phone Numbers
(14) Roommates (the living situation)
(13) Broken Social Scene
(12) Campers (the shoes)
(11) Eminem
(10) Smoke Breaks
(9) Colin Powell
(8) Album Release Dates
(7) Bud Light
(6) All Plot Points (Major and Minor) in the First Season of Veronica Mars
(5) Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Matthew Lillard
(4) French Fries
(3) Kevin Brown (the pitcher)
(2) Ja Rule
(1) The Vines


michelle said...

Oh, Ja! I heard that song he did with JLo on the radio a couple weeks ago, and then I remembered that JLo used to be all street and shit. What happened to her?

kyle. said...

kevin brown reminds me of darren dreifort and his terrible contract (his wikipedia page even has a section titled "the contract.").

Paul said...

Consider Kevin Brown a representative of all the bad contracts the Dodgers have entered into with pitchers this decade (Dreifort, Schmidt, etc...). Unlike the other stuff on this list, I probably tried to forget these debacles.

Thomas McMahon IV said...

Dear Paul,

We never forgot you.


The Vines

rpweber said...

I caught the end of Scream the other day and realized that I too had forgotten about Matthew Lillard. Perhaps the 2010s will launch his Mickey Rourke style comeback.