Friday, December 18, 2009

Michelle's Favorite Albums of the Decade

Writing this, I realized that I have become one of those people who talks about my children all the time. Whatever. I'm not sorry.

10. The Black and White Album, The Hives (2007)
This album makes me drive crazy. The other night, I drove up onto the sidewalk and then slammed back down into the road when turning onto our street. Tom had to talk me down when I walked in the house because I was freaking out convinced a neighbor was going to call the cops and tell them I was drunk driving with my baby in the back seat and that social services would probably come and take my kids away.

9. Flash Forward to the Good Times, Farmer Dave Scher (2009)

8. Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes (2008)

7. A Strangely Isolated Place, Ulrich Schnauss (2003)
I have used this album to calm my children and myself many many times. It does indeed transport us all to a strangely isolated place.

6. We Can Create, Maps (2007)
Another great driving album, especially through the canyons on a frosty morning.

5. A Camp, A Camp (2001)

4. Silent Shout, The Knife (2006)
I cannot wait to see The Knife live. If I had to pick between seeing The Knife or The Cardigans live, I would actually pick The Knife. Anyone who knows me knows that's a big-ass deal. Also, my boys love "One Hit" because they can sing along: "Ho ho ho ho." Tommy says, "Listen, I hear it..... Ha ha ha ha."

3. Hold Time, M. Ward (2009)
I'm in love with M. Ward. If I married him, my name would also be M. Ward. But I love my husband a lot, and I've heard M. is a bit of a loner or something...

2. Fever Ray, Fever Ray (2009)
No words to express how this album makes me feel. I think Karin may be the first person to express in music perfectly what it's like to be a mother of two small children... at least what I know of it. I think we would enjoy getting together for a playdate with our kids. And we could even speak Swedish to each other!

1. Long Gone Before Daylight, The Cardigans (2004)
I can listen to this album any time, any mood, and every single song warms my heart every time.


Kim said...

What was your excuse for that one time you drove in to the woods in New Hampshire? We weren't listening to the Hives album then.

michelle said...

I'm sure I was listening to something else that made me do it...

Paul said...

You know, I have that Hives album and I never listen to it. I should give it a whirl (in the safety of my apartment).

Enjoyed the list, Michelle. A rare glimpse into your mind.

Thomas McMahon IV said...

Maybe you should just listen to Ulrich Schnauss while driving.

michelle said...

Paul, you have to give that album another shot! I didn't like it at first. I was like, "This doesn't sound like the Hives!" But then I realized how great it is.

I listened to Silent Shout this morning in the car and it made me want to drive into the foggy canyons and see if the car might fly...

Chris said...
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