Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Watching the touching Allen Iverson press conference last week set me on a path of re-living his “we’re talkin’ about practice” rant, which led me on a path of sports meltdown videos. Here’s a sampling of the best of the 00’s.

I’m not proud that I remember this many and some have been made into ubiquitous beer commercials, but I still can’t get enough of people losing their crap.

The better list is probably best sports rants remixes but i'm just going to go with the original rants.

Please feel free to add ones I missed…many are NSFW….

Chris Berman – 2000

Jim Mora – 2001

Herm Edwards - 2002

Allen Iverson - 2002

Dennis Green - 2006

Joe Mikulik – 2006

Mike Gundy - 2007

Dan Hawkins - 2007

Phillip Wellman - 2007

Kevin Borseth - 2008 (also wins the award for greatest entrance in the history of entrances…)

Omar Minaya - 2009

Not from this decade, but here are some other classics I hadn’t heard…

Tommy Lasorda (for the LA folks…)

Todd Stottlemyre (maybe my all time favorite)


Paul said...

I grew up listening to that Lasorda rant. It's the thing of legend around my household. That said, Gundy's rant may be my favorite. "I'm a man! I'm 40!"

Not a rant, but I've always liked Manning's "idiot kicker" Pro Bowl soundbite.

Anonymous said...
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Thomas McMahon IV said...

Seems like some of these coaches must be on 'roids.