Sunday, December 10, 2006

Katie Byron's Top 10 List that actually consists of 12: Favorite Albums

After checking the actual release dates of the albums that initially
came to mind as the favorite of this year, I realized that the
majority of those albums came out in 2005. This made me realize two
things: 1) time continues to pass faster and faster the older I get,
and 2) there was much more music released in 2005 that I liked than in
2006. Nevertheless, here is my top 10, or 12, list of albums released
in 2006.

1) Band of Horses—Everything All the Time
2) Owen—At Home With
3) Jose Gonzalez—Veneer
4) Snow Patrol—Eyes Open
5) The Stills—Without Feathers
6) Belle & Sebastian—The Life Pursuit (I don't like this album half as
much as Dear Catastrophe Waitress, but out of the albums I bought this
year, it still falls in my top ten—and they performed this album great
7) Gnarls Barkley—St. Elsewhere (this makes my top ten solely for the
way it makes me dance like I've never danced before)
8) Thom Yorke—The Eraser (a testament to the fact that I almost always
like solo albums better than the band as a whole)
9) The Strokes—First Impressions of Earth
10) Built to Spill—You In Reverse & The Decemberists—The Crane Wife (it's a tie)
11) Bonus: Sufjan Stevens—Songs for Christmas (I got the majority of
this album last year, but the new stuff he released in addition to it
this year is great)


Tribag said...

Good list there Katie. I'm usually happy to hear one of those T. Yorke songs pop up on itunes.

Kathryn J said...

thanks, daniel. you posting yours soon...or did you already post it and i missed it?

Thommy McMahon said...

Katie: What is Owen like? I don't think I've heard them (or him?). Unless it's Owen Wilson. Although I've only heard him talk. Also, that S. Stevens Christmas set sounds really cool.

Tribag: Nice blog. Those pink swim caps are totally badass.

P. Bost said...

I haven't heard Owen either. He's one of the Kinsella bros., apparently, and I don't love Joan of Arc. That said, the review I read online just now sounds pretty intriguing.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't heard one song off of The Eraser. I just was never in the mood. Maybe on this bleak Nashville day I should finally give it a try.

Kathryn J said...

Thom and Paul: Mike Kinsella is Owen, and he has been in many, many bands like American Football and Owls. Owen is folky...mellow...beautiful. He plays guitar and piano and sings in a somewhat crackly voice. You should both check him out, but I think Thom especially would like him.

Paul: You should check out The Eraser. I don't think you will like it as much as I do or as much as Radiohead, but listen to the song Atoms for's really great.

Also, another great band I just saw last night: The Parson Red Heads. Saw them at the Echo (they are on residency there, playing every Monday of this month if anyone in town is interested). They put on an amazing show--they had 12 people up on stage, all in white, and tons of instruments and dancing. They are on purevolume. Check them out.

Kathryn J said...

actually, don't check them out on purevolume--they only have one song on their and it's not very representative of their stuff...check them out on myspace:

so good.

R.P. said...

Yeah, Atoms for Peace off Eraser is a great track. Katie - I thought the Snow Patrol album was awesome. They were great to see live, too. For all the SP haters out there - they're album is probably going to be the #1 seller of '06 in the UK. Peace!