Thursday, December 7, 2006

Top 10 Best Reasons Of 2006 Why I Forgot To Put My Name In My Last Post

First off, my name is Matt Caliri. Second off, I wrote the brilliant post about cheap books and yadda-yadda. Third off, I was cordially reminded by one Paul Bost that I forgot to put my name in my post. Here are the top ten reasons in 2006 why I forgot to do that:

1) I forgot.

2) I didn't know any better.

3) I was thinking about all sorts of other things.

4) I had sea water in my ear from jumping into the temperate Pacific over here in Hawaii, creating an auditory imbalance that hindered my overral decision-making. It's day 2, and, yes, my ear's still clogged.

5) I had sinuses. Probably.

6) I was rather slapdash about the whole thing.

7) I was distracted--it is rather common to find me distracted, I'm afraid.

8) I was hungry. Probably.

9) I never learned cursive.

10) I'm Italian. This causes me to think of cultural comforts like "tomato sauce" when I should instead be remembering to write my name on things.

I hope you will forgive me in the midst of this holiday cheer we found ourselves. Good tidings and merry warmths.

Yours forever and ever,

Matt Caliri
Matt Caliri-Matt Caliri-Matt Caliri
Matt Caliri

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