Thursday, December 14, 2006

Myspace Bands

Countless hours of bored-at-work myspace surfing led me to the conclussion that there's a lot of really crap bands on myspace. However, there are a few good ones. Here's my top 10 bands whose music I've enjoyed via myspace:

1. Snowden -
2. Margot and the Nuclear So… -
3. The Colour -
4. Devin the Dude -
5. Pipettes -
6. Menomena -
7. Deerhunter -
8. The Blow –
9. MF Doom -
10. The Hard To Get -

-Daniel Jacobs


P. Bost said...

Don't sleep on Devin the Dude, peeps.

By the way, D, I'm almost all the guys from the Colour went to Biola. They played an afternoon concert at Pepperdine once (just like the Archer).

I gotta hear Menomena. So many recommendations.

p. bost said...

Meant to say "I'm almost sure . . ."

Tribag (Daniel) said...

Those crazy dudes in The Colour. If you can get past their Jet-like threads and 'tudes, well then, you'll probably dig.

DEVIN THE DUDE is so nasty, so smooth, so beautiful.
As for Menomena. They alright. The drumming's pretty sick. Pretty, pretty sick.

Adam said...

Devin the Dude is the Sh*t. Representing for Texas and the doobie ashtray.


Tribag (Daniel) said...

If anyone continues to read these comments, may I suggest you check out the Pipettes myspace page and watch the video for "Pull Shapes"? May I? Please? It's good.

P. Bost said...

I'll watch that video, but I can't get into that band. They are hot, though, and they're playing a Christmas show on this side of the pond on Saturday night. Luke, dad and I will instead be at a soccer game.

Tribag (Daniel) said...

All I ask is to you watch the video. The rest is in God's hands.