Sunday, December 10, 2006

Several MP3s And A Tenor (By Thomas McMahon, Baritone)

I’ll take a moment here to provide a few details on the photo that appears below the “1, 2, 3 … Jamboree!” header. It is three-fourths of the beloved vocal group Three Men And A Tenor. Indeed, the tenor (in yellow jacket) is not only seen as less than a man by the other members, he is taunted and not-so-playfully slapped during performances. This is a family-friendly ensemble that is available for school events and corporate picnics.

I’m still working on my albums-of-the-year list. Meantime, here are the fairest of the free downloads I found while asurf on the Internet this year:

10. The Black Angels – The First Vietnamese War
These ladies and gentlemen probably did not serve in that particular war, but they nevertheless captured it in song.

9. Bears – Walk Away
I picture the characters from the Country Bear Jamboree performing this irresistible number.

8. Citay – Nice Cuffs
Could be described as "hippie music."

7. Lavender Diamond – Rise In The Springtime
Precious and enchanting. Might have come out last year.

6. Midlake – Roscoe
Took me a while to stop picturing Mr. Thom Yorke behind the mic while listening to this one.

5. The Little Ones – Cha Cha Cha
Not sure whether this song has something to do with the Carribean-themed restaurant of the same name here in Los Angeles, but it’s just as delicious.

4. Beach House – Master Of None
Had to buy the album to find out the name of this tune, which reminds me of Mr. Cass McCombs. Was well worth it. For friends of the desert.

3. Tunng – Tale From Black
According to my dear wife, this group’s name means “heavy” in Swedish. I pointed out that it sounds like "tongue" in English. Watch out for two heavy surprises in this song at the 2:50 and 3:55 marks.

2. Crystal Skulls – Baby Boy
Boasts a chorus that you'll really want to hang your (cowboy) hat on.

1. Junior Boys – In The Morning
Great dance music for a pool party. Or a carpool party.


P. Bost said...

Lot a good ones on there, Thommy. Good call on the Lavendar Diamond. Matador's rumored to have picked them up for their upcoming record.

Mr. T. McMahon said...

Thank you. L. Diamond opened for the Decemberists when they came through L.A. a few months ago. Unfortunately, I missed them. The Matador deal is apparently true: I looked up their EP on Amazon to see when it came out, and it said that it's coming out in January 2007 on Matador. Must be a re-release.

Anonymous said...

Digging your top tracks!

Tribag (Daniel) said...

That Midlake song is grrrreat. I've never thought of names in terms of productivity. I wonder where mine ranks. Pretty damn good if you consider taming lions n junk.